Jewellery Care : 

All jewelry should be stored in a dry place away from any moisture or extreme temperatures.
Each jewelry piece should be packed in a separate pouch, so as not touching each other to avoid scratching, chipping or entanglement.
Always remove all jewelry before showering or washing up, or cleaning, as any soap particles get lodged in stone settings and cervices. Soaps form a film on stone and metal making them appear dull.
Silver should always be kept absolutely dry. Silver has property to tarnish/oxidise if exposed to air. If your silver is used often, keep it away from excessive exposure to air and store in tarnish proof cloth such as flannel pouch/cloth or storage boxes. Before storing them always rub a clean dry muslin cloth several times to always keep them clean and shining. If your climate is humid, place a packet of desiccant crystals inside the storage box or the pouch. Do not keep them in contact with rubber bands or rubber products. 
For sterling silver which have oxidised finish, are not coated on the surface. Always avoid using a silver polisher, instead use a clean dry muslin cloth to clean and avoid scratching.
Products made of wood with silver coating on them, should be kept in dry area, because, difference of temperatures can cause shrinking and expanding of wood, thus causing cracks on silver. Products, which have both wood and silver, should be cleaned with standard polishing cloth. Do not ever use any silver polisher or wet cloth on wood areas. If you leave wood in a humid area, there are chances for wood to crack.
The gold plating jewelry will eventually wear down over a period of time. Get it re plated to restore its appearance.
Never use detergent, soap, tooth powder/paste to clean jewelry.
All stone jewelry requires extra care and consideration during wearing to protect the setting as well as to safeguard the diamonds and gemstones it holds.
Get all your jewelry, specially which has prong setting, checked from time to time to ensure all your stones are secured well in collets.
When dressing, the jewelry should be worn last, as cosmetics and perfumes can cause damage to these delicate items. Try never to use perfumes when wearing kundan jewelry.
Do not get the jewelry in contact with hard surfaces, which can scratch or wear down plating or enameling.
‘Rose cut’ in diamonds is a very unique cut used in Indian jewelry over centuries. The setting is very delicate, as the diamond is set with a silver foil to give an extra sparkle, any kind of liquid can tarnish and oxidise the foil, thus loosing the brilliance.
Some products may appear slightly larger or smaller than actual size due to screen defaults and photography techniques. Other items may appear larger than actual to clearly show details, or smaller in order to show entire product.
We recommend professional cleanings as often as once in a year. We would have you bring your Anuka Jewels back to us for professional servicing. Our knowledgeable staff and experienced hands would take care of cleaning, restringing, repairing clasps, earrings backs and checking collets.